What People Are Saying:


Our Approach

At Rider Goodwin Law Offices LLC., we continue to pride ourselves on an uncommon approach to family law. We have dedicated our entire practice to the belief that the client always comes first, that there is always a “bigger picture” to keep in mind, and that honesty and candor should always be a driving force of conversation. Every case, just like every client, is different and should be treated as such.


Core Values



Rider Goodwin Law, whether it be an initial phone call or a Permanent Orders Hearing, is a team orientated and collaborative environment.  Everyone in our office brings a large variety of experiences, resources, and networks to our Team and we believe it is in our Client’s best interest for us to be continually utilizing each other!

  • Family law matters are comprised of many substantive areas of law and more often than not, many of our clients need a referral to other professions or trades, e.g., bankers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, estate planners, financial planners, accountants, and therapists.
  • In order to provide a superior representation for our Client’s we are always developing our network and focusing on collaborative practices-inside and outside the office.

Fostering Futures of our clients

A responsibility that is indissolubly linked to our practice is the fact that we, by the side of our clients, are trying to re-write an ending to their personal story. It is our goal that we can provide a service to our clients that never loses sight of a bigger picture- one in which includes a brighter, healthier future. This involves:

  • Assisting our clients in understanding that their current legal situation does not have to define them
  • Helping our clients become educated about the process and remain educated about the legal process and all of their options.
  • Creative solutions to the client’s problems as are not “one size fits all” answers
  • Providing a legal staff that continually grows professionally and personally



At Rider Goodwin Law Offices, we believe in having a lasting social impact. Our entire firm is dedicated to fostering not only the well-being of our clients, but the well-being of our community as well. Within our office, we are:

  • Mentoring other members within the Denver Metro area in order to having open and fluid dialogues.
  • Proactively affecting systemic changes within the current legal approach to family law
  • Actively engaged within our community and often volunteer time with non-profits such as Project Safe Guard and the Denver Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Donating our services to pro bono causes as we will always remain committed serving the needs of low income members of our community



Clients at Rider Goodwin Law Offices are never seen as just a case number, and instead we always remember that we are serving individuals, families, and children­-all of which have lives beyond their legal matters. We strive to foster relationships for our clients outside the legal sphere as legal complications rarely stop at the doors of the courtroom.

  • We try to assist our clients with resources outside of our own doors, such as connecting them with reputable financial planners, real estate agents, mental health professionals, and more. 
  • We offer in-house resources to help aid in every step of the family law process.
  • We strive for our clients to have no regrets about the client services and firm experience during their legal representation by Rider Goodwin Law.

Children First Approach

At Rider Goodwin Law, we pride ourselves on placing the best interests of any children involved in our work at the front and center of our legal approach. We believe that representing parents who have children is one of the most important responsibilities we hold as lawyers who work within the realm of family law. Some of the many ways we put children first within our legal practice are the following:

  • Prioritizing the legal needs of children through the representation of the parents
  • Making sure all parties involved realize the residual effects that maybe placed upon their children when certain legal decisions are made
  • Not unnecessarily increasing the conflict between parties as it negatively impacts the children


Too many firms and lawyers paint an unrealistic portrait of their clients' legal options and prospects in order to maintain their business. At our firm, we believe that our clients-- even prospective clients-- deserve honesty and candor. Our Denver family law attorneys strive to be:

  • Understanding
  • Approachable
  • Compassionate
  • Accepting of any prior decisions or mistakes
  • Committed to legal solutions that never compromise our clients' true self